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Anonymous said: my big sis is really mean and selfish and only thinks bout herself. ive tryed talking to her bit she yells at me and says she's right. wat to do about mean siblings?


We all have siblings who bother us or are mean to us. I’m sure you’re young and must be in middle school/high school but all siblings seem mean when you’re younger. When you’re older you’ll probably be the best of friends.

For now though you should just tell your Mom/Dad/guardian if your sibling is ever mean to you or if it’s just a little fight then ask her to apologize and if she doesn’t forgive her anyway since she probably doesn’t know how much it really hurts your feelings. 

-Nawaal of the RLMG Team


Man Praying
by Richard Vogel
A man prays outside Eid Gah, the largest mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan. Built in 1893, Eid Gah’s ceremonial square is a popular location for large gatherings and celebrations.


Man Praying

by Richard Vogel

A man prays outside Eid Gah, the largest mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan. Built in 1893, Eid Gah’s ceremonial square is a popular location for large gatherings and celebrations.

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So I’m hosting (well half) a Fundraising Art on the 23rd of August to raise $10,000 for the education of young girls and job-training of women in Afghanistan.

The night consist of various performances such as the traditional classical Rabab, spoken word, traditional Attan dance etc We will end the night with a art auction, pieces that are donated by local professional Afghan artists as well as many others!

But BRUHHHHHHH is it hard to get people to comeeeee omg. Sponsorship wasn’t as hard as getting people to actually buy tickets. Smh.

Advice? Tickets are $50 for students and $100 for regular. And don’t say “lower the price” LOL we have a goal to reach okay? Plus they get 40% off if they use any of the performers names as discount codes.

Are any of you interested? Torontoians where you attttt?

Anonymous said: As salamu alikum! I'm not to good at speaking Arabic and was wondering if my fuaa would still count if I did it in English?


Allah SWT created tongues so how would He not understand the language in which you speak? He understands your heart so why would he not understand your tongue? 

Do however try to learn the dua after salah in Arabic and other duas as it is beneficial for you. If you want help then I’ll post it here:

Allahumma Rabba hadhihi-d-da’ watit-tammati was-salatil qa’imati, ati Muhammadan alwasilata wal-fadilata, wab’ athhu maqaman mahmudan-il-ladhi wa’ adtahu (innaka laa 
“Oh Allah, Lord of this perfect call and established prayer. Grant Muhammad the intercession and favor, and raise him to the honored station You have promised him, (verily You do not neglect promises)”. 
(Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 11, Number 588)

May Allah SWT bless you in the best of health, ilm, and imaan.

Jaizakallah Khair

-Nawaal of the RLMG Team

Share Your Hijab Fashion on Instagram


For many Muslim women around the world, the hijab — the scarf covering their hair — is not just a religious accouterment but also a symbol of their identity.

Young Muslim women are posting pictures of themselves in their hijabs on Instagram, inspiring large followings and placing more emphasis on the traditional headpiece as a fashion statement.

As part of a planned article, we invite readers to share Instagram photographs of their hijab with us. Tag the photos with #nytfashion, and selected ones will be highlighted on next week.”


Something in tonight’s lecture really hit me. Nouman Ali Khan spoke about how the Quran said that we as Muslims were CHOSEN by Allah to be Muslims, because He knew we’d be capable to overcome similar trials as to the Prophets. Subhanallah. So many people in this dunya have come and gone, and WE were chosen to be Muslims. You and I, all of us. We did nothing to earn it, yet He sees us worthy enough. Alhamdulillah a thousand times.

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wish my father would be accepting like this

Arranged! It’s on Netflix and I love it.

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Chinese Muslims celebrate end of fast

Muslims across China on Tuesday started celebrating their three-day holiday, Eid al-Fitr, also known as the Feast of Breaking the Fast. 

Muslims from ten ethnic groups across China, including the Hui and the Uyghur, gathered in mosques to pray to Allah, marking the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. 

Eid al Fitr is a time to celebrate, relax, bond with families, shop and eat. New clothes are given as gifts to children and adults; more importantly, to the poor and needy. Family members get together to have traditional foods and visit relatives and friends.

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A cup of tea and the Masjid-al-Haram, Makkah


A cup of tea and the Masjid-al-Haram, Makkah

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Anonymous said: Salam Lema! Hope you are well. I just read your response on feeling like your sin is forgiven because you were sincere in repentance. There's this one bad thing that I've done, that I repented, and I truly feel in my heart that Allah did forgive me. My question is, even though I feel forgiveness from Allah, am I supposed to keep repenting this particular sin?


Waalaykom Assalaam, when it comes to your mind, say Astagfarallah and move on. Your regret is part of your repentance. 

Anonymous said: I understand that God is my friend but what about the times I sit alone in school, in lunch? have no one to work with? what about the times I get left out? what about the times which is all the time that I feel so alone? God can't come down and sit by me, will he? Before you say pray or make dua, I do pray and make dua, but everything stays the same.


Ok. Keep praying and making dua’a. But, in the same way you would pray and make dua’a if you were sick but also take medication, you have to work on ways to maybe make more friends. See if you can’t talk to someone, strike a conversation. Compliment someone. Join a club. Join 10 clubs. Be on the math team. Make effort to find people who may share your interests, and work from there Insha Allah.

Remember that Allah has a plan for you, and if you’re in middle/high school, it’s likely that the people around you are immature and do stupid things, so it may be that God is preventing you from falling into something terrible. Be patient love, and may He make things easy on you.

Anonymous said: Salak alaykum lema what do u think about doing muslim girls doing their eyebrows ?


Waalaykom Assalaam.

I’m more worried about Muslim girls not praying, not knowing about the life of our Prophet (pbuh), thinking that hijab makes them immune to sin, not reading Qur’an, not getting involved in charity work, and generally believing that on the Day of Judgement, Allah is going to ask them about their eyebrows before He asks them what they have accomplished in this life.