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Anonymous asked: Why is it that a woman's modesty is more important than that of a man?

It isn’t. In Islam, both men and women are held to set standards of modesty. Unfortunately, it’s become a cultural practice to focus more on the women’s side of things and men’s standards often get ignored.


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The Purpose of Life.


Afiza in Mirrorland. #ootn #hijab


Afiza in Mirrorland. #ootn #hijab

Anonymous asked: is it like a big sin if a muslim female was to marry a non muslim male?? im born a muslim like my whole family but im not really very religious. like i feel like my religion isn't doing me very good?? i tend to lose faith in it but i do believe in god you see. it just confuses me so much.

Well maybe if you just start going to jummuahs and it might help you with your faith. Just know whatever you do is between you and Allah (swt) so someone else forcing you into it or you doing things because you have to for anything else.
Ok now to answer your original question. You have to think about it like the religion of the man is usually the kids UNLESS he lets you raise them muslim which of course there’s loads of marriages that work either way. Then again if you’re still not that much into the religion I don’t think it would be that big of a deal.
On a side not you never know what Allah swt has written for you so you can feel this way until you meet someone/something changes within you without meeting someone that brings you back to Islam. Insha’Allah it all works out :) just remember its between you and Allah swt

Anonymous asked: Hey Salam guys. So I have a question :) So, I feel like I do not have many friends when people tell me all the time that I am 'known'- whatever that means lol. I have always wanted to have a group of friends that will forever have their hearts in Islam. I have a couple friends that are somewhat religious. But I want really really close friends who are into the deen. Any suggestions on getting new friends ? Btw- I am outgoing person, so me being shy isnt a problem. JazakAllah khairun guys :)

Well if you’re in highschool then try joing clubs (msa, fbla, robotics etc…) sports especially because all the hours you are practicing will bring you closer. If on college the same or just go up to someone in your class and start up a conversation. I’m in college and most of the people in cool with we have allot of the same classes so we study together and ended up good friends.
Just don’t over think it :)

“* Do not be Jealous of one another *
It is narrated in a Hadis, “Do not be Jealous of one another and do not Hate one another and do not Desert one another. O Allah’s Worshipers! Be Brothers!” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Hadis 6066, Page 117)”


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“If you never thank Allah {subhanahu wa ta’ala} after every smile then you have no right to blame Him for every tear.”


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Al Jabbar - the restorer, He who mends the broken and completes the incomplete. 

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